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Building Early Attachment and Resilience (BEAR)

Being able to understand and respond to the infant’s emotions and behaviours is important in building a good attachment relationship between parent and child. Attachment relationship means the nature of the relationship between a parent and child that can provide feelings of security and comfort for the child. In turn, a good attachment relationship early in an individual’s life helps the individual deal with and overcome future adversity, a concept known as resilience.

The BEAR project aims to evaluate two programs delivered in a group format. The first program is delivered during pregnancy and focuses on reducing maternal stress and anxiety by increasing self-awareness and acceptance through meditation-based practices. The second program is a parenting program delivered after birth, focussed upon improving the way a parent communicates with their baby and better understanding of the baby’s emotional needs. The goal is to promote and help build resilience in children.

The study commenced at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Parkville in April 2015. There are plans to extend it to other hospital sites in the near future.